About Us


Klitch is an emerging sports and footwear accessories brand that provides innovative products for athletes and people of all ages. With the success of their patented FootwearClip, Klitch is able to grow and expand its reach in the sports and footwear accessories space with many more products to come!


FootwearClip Story:

The Klitch FootwearClip was invented by 2 Rutgers University friends and drew the first design on a Panera napkin!

The FootwearClip is a patented footwear clip that frees up your hands and lets you hang extra footwear to the outside of your bag. This prevents the inside of your bag from getting dirty, smelly and full!

The FootwearClip works on a variety of shoes like: Running sneakers, Boots, Sandals, Cleats, Spikes, Turf shoes, Dress shoes, Heels, UGGS and Flip-flops and holds up to 20lbs!

The FootwearClip is used by people of all ages and fitness levels – The little kid rushing to after-school soccer practice, the young woman who needs to maximize closet space for her shoe collection, the busy executive headed straight to the gym, the city gal who wants to switch into a comfortable pair of flip-flops, anyone!

Its lightweight and portable features make the FootwearClip ideal for active lifestyles. By saving space and keeping your stuff clean, the FootwearClip promotes efficiency and ease. Why carry an extra bag for your shoes when you can simply clip them onto the bag you already carry? The FootwearClip easily clips onto the handles of your carrying bag, allowing you to air out your smelly and dirty shoes. Do you really want to stuff your precious heels inside an overstuffed purse?  The FootwearClip protects the look of your shoes and allows you to wear other footwear before and after a particular activity. The FootwearClip is also handy for storing and organizing footwear at home or on the road.

The FootwearClip is designed to make life easier. Small clip, big impact.  A product you can’t live without. Try one and you’ll have a FootwearClip for all of your shoes.


The Klitch Advantage:

  • Great for travel 
  • Hands-free device
  • Never spend time looking for a lost shoe 
  • Saves space in your backpack or gym bag 
  • Allows footwear to air out between use 
  • Helps protect against athlete’s foot 
  • Helps increase the lifespan of expensive sports shoes or pricey heels
  • Helps prevent smelly and dirty gym bags
  • Enables a quick shoe change before and after workouts 
  • Great for organizing and storing footwear at home or on the road


Email: info@theklitch.com

35 US-202, Far Hills, NJ 07931